Choose Your Favourite Shirt For The Next Occasion

Choose Your Favourite Shirt For The Next Occasion

Think about men’s daily wear and the shirt is the first thing that comes to one’s mind. This is the reason why shorts are the most highly demanded clothing type for men around the world. shirts are also the most versatile clothing as one can wear them to work, to parties, for casual outings, etc. also one can find a huge variety when it comes to shirts categorized for different occasions and places. Though shopping for shirts can be confusing because there are several things to keep in mind while choosing one. but regardless of all that one can several brands providing the latest fashion in shirts.


Types of shirts

Not all shirts can be worn to all places, one needs to specify as wearing a beach shirt to the office will be obscure and laughed at. Some of the famous shirt styles are:

  • Formal shirts: these are the most common type of shirts and every man need to have these in their wardrobe. Formal shirts are mostly worn at offices and formal setups, but they can be worn to parties and casual meetups too. formal shirts can be full-sleeved or half sleeved.
  • Casual shirts: these are most common among the young men as they have a slim fit and they come in bright colors which can be paired with a pair of denim or chinos. Casual shirts also come in full-sleeved and come in both plain colors or checked or patterned.
  • Party shirts: these shirts have a more flamboyant look to it, as they are for parties and have stylish designs. One can find these shirts in huge color variants and patterns.

How to choose the best

Almost every shirt manufacturer keeps in mind the general size and patterns which are to be kept uniform throughout all kind shirts. So the factors to choose the best shirt are the same for all:

  • Body type and correct measurements play a major role in choosing a shirt depending on one’s height, fitting, etc.
  • One should pay attention to the collar as there different types of collars too like English collars to cutaways they all have a different style and fits the neck differently.
  • Fabrics should be chosen according to the season and occasion. Like cotton and linens are best for summers while heavy textile fabrics should be chosen for winter and colder seasons.
  • Color and print should also be chosen according to the occasion and place one will wear it too.

Buying shirts need more attention these days as the number of styles and designs are numerous and to choose the right one can be difficult. But it will not be anymore if one chooses to use the factors mentioned to select the right kind for themselves.